Guardian Hires Racist Creep -Hilarity Ensues

Yesterday, neocon hack and former speechwriter for George W. Bush David Frum took time out from shitting on the graves of Gore Vidal and Alexander Cockburn to go on Twitter and announce that Joshua Treviño, another speechwriter for Dubya who tried his hand at graveshitting on Cockburn, and used to help the Torturer-in-chief deliver the most cretinous public addresses by a chief executive in the history of the Republic, was being hired by the slightly left-of-center UK newspaper: The Guardian. For those who don’t know why this is noteworthy, a little background information on Treviño is in order:

Aside from his speech writing duties, Joshua Treviño is best known as one of the founders of a white supremacist web site called Red State, which is basically Stormfront, only without that site’s urbane wit and access to Spell Check. Red State‘s “coverage” of the shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager who was killed by a vigilante is just the most recent bucket of filth from that open sewer of racism. But black American teenagers aren’t the only people Red State‘s bigoted writers think are fair game for being gunned down.

When human rights activists and relief workers tried to bring much-needed supplies to Gaza by sea, the Israeli Navy attacked the ship, boarded it and shot several of the crew -none of whom had any sort of weapons other than ones they improvised while being attacked. Namely, they reached for pieces of wood and other debris to try to defend themselves from troops equipped with firearms. Among the crew and passengers killed was an American teenager, who was shot in the head execution-style at point blank range.

Now most Americans who hear of such incidents and care enough to have an opinion about it are appalled when a fellow citizen is gunned down like a dog by foreign armed forces -even more so on the high seas. Not Treviño. When it was announced that a second “flotilla” was being prepared, he took to Twitter and wrote the following:

“Dear IDF: If you end up shooting any Americans on the new Gaza flotilla – well, most Americans are cool with that. Including me.”

It’s not every day that one American citizen calls for some of his or her fellow citizens to be murdered by a foreign power. Even the most obnoxious American supporters of Fidel Castro didn’t openly call for the Cuban armed forces to kill Americans after a similar incident in 1996, when members of “Brothers to the Rescue” were killed by by Cuban jets, who fired on the planes flown by the “Brothers”. Certainly not anyone who was subsequently hired by a major newspaper.

I asked Joshua Treviño on Twitter if he thought the Cubans were as justified as the Israelis in killing U.S. Citizens. Needless to say, sustained argument isn’t really his thing. Not only does he show a poor grasp of logic, but his position can be summed up as follows:

Israel Good, Cuba Bad

But there was more to his lunacy than being (in the words of the late, great Alexander Cockburn) an IDF camp follower. No, Joshua Treviño’s racism, like Dr. Strangelove’s arm, jumped up where everyone could see it. Not only was he being a special pleader for Israeli Apartheid and atrocities, he was now trying to minimize the atrocities of Apartheid-era South Africa! No wonder the web site he created thinks black kids with Skittles deserve to die.

For yet another example of what sort of creep The Guardian has hired, another Twitter dust-up comes to mind. When Andrew Breivik massacred scores of people in Norway -proportionally, worse than the 9/11 attacks- Max Blumenthal showed solidarity with the victims, whom Breivik described as “Cultural Marxists” by adopting that title under his Twitter avatar. Since Blumenthal and Treviño were going back and forth about a book and whether Blumenthal read it, Treviño seized on the “Cultural Marxist” title as though he had the goods on Blumenthal as a commie. On both fronts, Treviño revealed himself to be dishonest and stupid -never a good combination- and Blumenthal PWNED him, as the kids say nowadays.

It’s fairly obvious that when Treviño spent so much time on Twitter trying to slander the late Alexander Cockburn as a bigot, that it was simply a case of what the shrinks call projection: accusing others of your own moral failings. It is equally clear that Treviño’s racism, stupidity, dishonesty and sadism made him an ideal candidate to write speeches for the Cornpone Caligula.

What is not clear is why any publication, let alone a liberal one, would hire this creep.

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