Reply From The Guardian

Earlier today I e-mailed Janine Gibson, editor of The Guardian, asking why the paper would hire a deranged racist crackpot. Here’s the form letter response:

Dear Joseph

Thank you for your email. Several people have raised questions about adding Josh Trevino as a commentator largely owing to a tweet he wrote in 2011 about the Gaza flotilla. We take this very seriously.
We have long held that a range of voices is one of the great assets of the Guardian’s comment section – hence “Comment is Free”.
Prior to next week’s launch, Josh has written an article to clarify his June 2011 tweet about the second Gaza flotilla.
I hope you will understand that we believe there might be something important to be gained from hearing from him.
With very best wishes,
Janine Gibson


I know it’s a form letter because my name isn’t Joseph!

As anyone who reads the new article can see plain as day is that Josh Treviño doesn’t “clarify” anything. He simply compounds his bigotry and sadism with a pack of lies.  More on this later.

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