Let’s add support for genocide to Joshua Treviño’s tab, shall we?

Others have covered the sadistic racism of this loathsome character. His hatred for non-whites, for Muslims, for Holocaust survivors  and for those do-gooders who seek to aid them has all been well-documented by (among others) M.J. Rosenberg, Max Blumenthal, Ali Abunimah and more recently, from Richard Silverstein and Henry Norr. Suffice it to say that a creep like Treviño, who tries to incite the murder of relief workers, who spews racism and religious bigotry like Linda Blair spewed pea soup in The Exorcist, and who practically masturbated over the corpse of Rachel Corrie has been thoroughly exposed as a sadistic moron who only wishes he had the nerve to shoot an unarmed teenager.

One thing that has been lost in the shuffle, and really does need to be added to the bill of indictment against Treviño is his support for ethnic cleansing and outright genocide as signs of will (as in “Triumph of the”) and manhood.

The clues to this repulsive aspect of Treviño’s psychosis -and one he has sought to scrub from the record- can be found here. If his habit of blocking those who argue with him on Twitter is a sign of being a thin-skinned, cowardly troll who can dish it out but can’t take it, his efforts to hide his most depraved views shows Joshua Treviño to be a truly sick and twisted individual.

Back in 2006, as Iraq drowned in a tidal wave of blood thanks to the Cornpone Caligula’s invasion, Joshua Treviño came up with this novel idea:

Americans simply do not wish to suffer, and do not have the senses of patriotism, pride, and honor that buffered such suffering for earlier generations. It is true, I think, that these qualities are less evident now than they were in the past. The ability of a society to see through grinding conflicts like the Philippines Insurrection or the Boer War augers well for its future, lest it lose the mere capacity to conquer, and be susceptible to humiliation by any small power with no advantage save mental fortitude. It is indeed difficult to imagine now the methods that transformed the Philippines for us, and South Africa for the British, from bitter foe to steadfast friend being applied in Iraq. Would that they were. But patriotism, pride, and honor are nonetheless still present in the American character. It is the American political class that lacks them in corresponding measure.

The boldface is mine.

Now the war in the Philippines is not a well-covered subject even among historians, so here’s a Cliff’s Notes version:

In the 1890s, the U.S. decided to take part in the fad of imperialism that was all the rage among European powers. Not only did the murder and subjugation of all those dark-skinned folk provide sport for racist nitwits who fancied themselves as adventurers, but some of those faraway lands had valuables in dire need of being pillaged by The Master Race™.   In 1898, Theodore Roosevelt won a glorious battle in Cuba, where he defeated the mighty Cuban Spaniards, whom he only outnumbered 19-1. These odds were too risky for future campaigns (and some of the enemy in Cuba had…     rifles!) , so the next target was the Philippines, where the enemy used a fearsome arsenal of clubs, knives, pointy sticks, darts and worst of all, yo-yos. Needless to say, a campaign against such well-armed and ruthless enemies (they sometimes used sneak attacks –the bastards!) required extreme measures, which included but were not limited to:

  • The use of civilian hostages who along with POWs, were summarily shot in retaliation for Filipino attacks
  • The massacre of civilians and POWs (Brigadier General Jacob H. Smith ordered the killing of every male Filipino aged ten and up).
  • The deliberate starvation of same
  • The use of concentration camps

In all, according to a statement from Brigadier General J. Franklin Bell in 1901, over 600,000 people were exterminated, including one-sixth of the population of Luzon – meaning the island suffered roughly the same rate of slaughter as Poland suffered in the Second World War.

It is this monstrous campaign of genocide that Joshua Treviño wishes the American people had the “patriotism, pride, and honor” to carry out nowadays. So when he’s calling for a foreign state to murder American citizens, Joshua Treviño isn’t just being a sadistic cretin, he obviously thinks most Americans deserve to die because they lack the “will” to act out his most depraved fantasies. This is not unlike Hitler, who declared late in the war that if the German people lacked the will to see his brilliant plans through to the bitter end then they deserved whatever the Red Army and its allies had in store for them.

The Guardian doesn’t need to fire Joshua Treviño, they need to check him into the nearest funny farm that specializes in the treatment of psychopaths with delusions of grandeur -the sooner the better.

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  1. moflard · · Reply

    “The Guardian doesn’t need to fire Joshua Treviño, they need to check him into the nearest funny farm…”

    They need to do the same with the genius who hired him in the first place.

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