A Proud Conservative Tradition

Cenk Uygur had some fun heckling Fox News’ biggest gasbag, Bill O’Reilly, over the Falafel Man’s clownish attempt to claim Martin Luther King as a kind of proto-Teabagger:

In the strange world of Bill O’Reilly, a man like Martin Luther King who risked and eventually lost his life campaigning for the right to vote (as in the Voting Rights Act) as well as for economic justice for the poor, would have agreed with the mouth-breathers of Fox News that the poor and minorities should shut up unless they’re complaining about tacky rap videos or slut-shaming unwed mothers.

The notion is bullshit of the steamiest kind, since King’s views on the right to vote never changed while he was alive, so even in the unlikely event that O’Reilly was able to perform the world’s first successful seance, there’s no evidence that even a spectral MLK would have agreed that his surviving supporters should say nothing as the very Voting Rights Act he helped get passed is being gutted by a right-wing Supreme Court.

Besides, as Cenk Uygur points out, one can be opposed to drug abuse, violent crime, etc and still be steadfast in supporting the right to vote. O’Reilly, like most right-wingers, has a poor grasp of logic what with both the False Dilemma and Red Herring fallacies making up most of his imbecilic ravings, but he’s not the only conservative gasbag who thinks that one can’t oppose crime, drugs, etc and oppose the GOP’s efforts to Ku Klux the vote, so one should quit talking about the latter and focus on the former -or better yet, just shut up already.

Normally my attitude towards George Will can be summed up as follows:

If I want George Will’s opinion, I’ll have Nancy Reagan give it to him.

But this time his little jack-in-the-box popped open and left the dean of ABC’s gasbags with egg all over his face. Will’s shtick isn’t as crude as O’Reilly’s but it’s just as foul: Quit whining about Jim Crow voting laws being passed by Republicans in the South and elsewhere and -Hey look, single black women screw too much!

The notion that there’s an epidemic of poor, dark-skinned people breeding like rodents is not only racist and paranoid, but shows a pitiful grasp of basic math. As National Review writer Michael Lind pointed out in Up From Conservatism, the reason unwed births make up a higher percentage than fifty years ago is not that unmarried women are shagging away and swamping the country, but that married couples on average are having fewer than half the number of kids they had in the early 60s (births to unwed parents have remained mostly constant). George Will’s red herring is rotten at its core.

Those feisty, rambunctious gals at Jezebel deliver the knockout blow on this pretentious wanker:

In other words, George Will thinks black women can just… marry their way out of centuries of oppression and racism, I guess. Sounds like a solid plan, if you believe that legally sanctioned dicks will be the balm that cools the sting of losing basic rights to participate in society as full citizens.

They couldn’t have busted his chops harder if they had snatched that ridiculous toupee off his empty head.

George Will and Bill O’Reilly adhere to the proud conservative tradition known as kicking people while they’re down. Black, Hispanic and elderly poor voters are prevented from voting? It’s their own fault because… Hey look! They’re screwing again!

This is nothing new. It was an article of faith among right-wingers in this country that the reason poor whites in the Ozarks and Appalachians were often afflicted with rickets, scurvy and other illnesses was NOT because of malnutrition or the lack of doctors and dentists in the region, but because the hillbillies practice incest. Never mind that like the myth of poor dark-skinned people breeding a permanent underclass, the myth of the cousin-fucking redneck has zero basis in reality.  When you’re being an apologist for cruelty and wickedness, this is the kind of thing you have to fool yourself into believing.

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