Few things are more tedious in entertainment media than the ritual bashing of George Lucas, retired filmmaker and billionaire philanthropist. The latest entry comes in the form of backhanded half-praise from Katie Kilkenny of Atlantic Magazine in her article Selling the Soul of Star Wars. While claiming to “defend” the man who created the series, […]

Proof once again that Obama’s presidency is really just a continuation of George W. Bush’s second term comes from Uncle Sam’s latest attempted putsch in Venezuela. Jon Schwarz makes an insightful observation about how the elites in this country think. Namely, that for them, the scariest thing in the world is an “uppity” dark-skinned person […]

Cenk Uygur had some fun heckling Fox News’ biggest gasbag, Bill O’Reilly, over the Falafel Man’s clownish attempt to claim Martin Luther King as a kind of proto-Teabagger: In the strange world of Bill O’Reilly, a man like Martin Luther King who risked and eventually lost his life campaigning for the right to vote (as […]

With the 1oth anniversary of the beginning of the Rape of Iraq, a few of the war whores are trying to distance themselves from the war and the witchseason that preceded it. I would have thought suicide a more fitting form of penance, but I realize that this is after all an imperfect world, so […]

Others have covered the sadistic racism of this loathsome character. His hatred for non-whites, for Muslims, for Holocaust survivors  and for those do-gooders who seek to aid them has all been well-documented by (among others) M.J. Rosenberg, Max Blumenthal, Ali Abunimah and more recently, from Richard Silverstein and Henry Norr. Suffice it to say that […]

Earlier today I e-mailed Janine Gibson, editor of The Guardian, asking why the paper would hire a deranged racist crackpot. Here’s the form letter response: Dear Joseph Thank you for your email. Several people have raised questions about adding Josh Trevino as a commentator largely owing to a tweet he wrote in 2011 about the […]

Yesterday, neocon hack and former speechwriter for George W. Bush David Frum took time out from shitting on the graves of Gore Vidal and Alexander Cockburn to go on Twitter and announce that Joshua Treviño, another speechwriter for Dubya who tried his hand at graveshitting on Cockburn, and used to help the Torturer-in-chief deliver the […]

Jelperman vs Joshua S. Treviño

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